A small orange is a type of web hosting provider that was introduced in April 2003. It is located in Durham. It does not compromise on service unlike some other web hosting provider. It is one of the web hosts that guarantee 99.9% uptime, screams fast solid state drive SSD, offers 24/7/365 customer support, offers unlimited email accounts and much more. It has plan for every type of website. It offers shared, business, cloud VPS and dedicated hosting.

A small orange host offers enterprise quality hardware in their cloud VPS plan. It also offers money back guarantee and is quite affordable.

It is not among the top rated host but not also the worst. It is better than some web hosting providers like Hostpapa and Arvixe.

Just like other web hosting it has a number of flaws. It does not have a telephone customer support and not as good as the top rated web hosting providers. They do not tell their customers about their downtime and their servers can be disappointing a times.


The name of this web hosting sounds quite odd. I hardly believed it was a web hosting provider the first time I heard about it. The name can discourage a prospective client but remember you do not have to judge a book by its cover,

A small orange was established in 2003 by Tim Dorr and has over 30 workers with thousands of customers worldwide. The current chief Executive Officer of a small orange is Douglas Hanna. The initial value of A small orange was to deliver powerful hosting backed by the smartest and the most intelligent team of customer support. It was acquired by Endurance International Group in 2010. It is not a type of web host that offers unlimited everything rather it gives you the exact resources you will need for your plan. A Small orange has its headquarters in Durham, North Carolina It has unique features. They offer variety of plans so as a customer you can opt for the plan that best suit you.


  1. HOSTING: It offers a number of hosting plans. They include:

SHARED HOSTING: Almost all web hosting providers offer shared hosting. A small orange stands out among other web providers on this ground as it offers four shared hosting plans. They shared hosting plans include: tiny, small, medium and large plan

Tiny plan: This shared hosting plan offers 500MB storage with 3GB bandwidth and 24/7 email and live chat support and of course there is no telephone support. It has just one domain.

Small Shared hosting plan: This plan offers unlimited domain, with 24/7 email and live chat, 50 GB bandwidth and 5GB storage.

Medium: Its startup bill is $10 monthly, with 15GB storage and 150GB monthly data transfer

Large plan: It comes with unlimited email, with 30GB of storage and 500GB of monthly data transfers. However, A small orange web hosting do not compete with Hostgator. Hostgator shard web hosting is far of better than that of a small orange.

BUSINESS PLAN: A small orange business plan seems to be powerful and is built for ecommerce; The startup bill for business plan is between $20-$60 monthly. This is not expensive at all for a business plan. The business plan offers startup, small business and large business hosting plan.

DECICATED SERVER: Dedicated plan offers a startup, standard, professional and ultimate plan.

The startup bill for the starter is $125 per month; for the standard it is $135 monthly, $175 per month for the professional and $275 for the ultimate. If you want to be in full charge of your server needs, then dedicated server package is the best choice for you. It offers terabytes of bandwidth, daily backup and easy upgrade.

CLOUD VPS HOSTING: A small orange Cloud VPS Plan include world class data centers, 24/7 support and enterprise quality hardware.

RESELLER HOSTING: A small orange offers three hosting plans for those who want to venture into reseller hosting services. It offers small, medium and large plan. The reseller hosting plan is scalable and environmentally friendly.

Small: This is ideal for beginners in the web hosting industry. It comes with a 20GB storage and 250GB bandwidth. The price is just $15 per month. The users of small reseller hosting plan can host 30 websites in the account

Medium: This is very good for existing users. The plan comes with a 25GB storage and 250GB bandwidth. The clients can host up to 50websites in their account. It is very easy to upgrade this plan to the next plan.

Large: This is recommended for big hosting companies that have plenty customers. It comes with 50GB storage and 1500GB bandwidth. This plan allows users to host up to 100 websites in their account.

  1. UPTIME: It offers a strong uptime of 99.9%
  2. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: There are only few providers that offer a 90-day money back guarantee. A small orange give you more than enough time to really decide if you can cope with their services or not.
  3. SCALABILITY: A small orange is fully scalable. You can easily upgrade and degrade as you wish.
  4. CPANEL: Just like most web hosting providers, A small orange provide standard cpanel control panel
  5. GHOST BLOG HOSTING: This is one the features making the provider unique. Only a few web providers offer this service.
  6. BACKUPS: A small orange offer automatic daily backups although you still have to have to get your own backups.
  7. UNLIMITED EMAIL: This provider also offers unlimited email and databases.
  8. SUPERB CUSTOMER SUPPORT: A small orange cares very well about their clients. You can reach them with live-chat and email and get you response within few minutes.
  9. SSDDRIVEN: A Small orange offers a fast shared hosting with their SSD driven shared hosting environment. It is known that SSD drives are quite faster than the traditional drives we all know of.
  10. PRICE: A small orange offer varieties of hosting plans and the price range is quite cheaper although some plans are more expensive than the others based on what you want.
  11. OPEN TO THEIR CLIENTS: A small orange is open to their customers. They do not sound their trumpets on services they do not offer.

A small orange gives you free hosting and domain when you pay for a year upfront. Signing up for a small orange is quite easy.

You can talk to them through online chat and they will give you the best plan depending on your level and your pocket. It does not take time as you can finish your sign up process within minutes and your website will be ready for you to work on.


A small orange is among the midsize web hosting provider. It has been offering web hosting services for over 12 years. The company claims to have a high quality customer service. Their values are dependability, passion and integrity. They endeavor to maintain a quality relationship with their customers. With a small orange, you do not have to decide where your serve will be based

A small orange of course have unique features but it has its own cons. They drawbacks include:

  • They can suspend your account if you exceed the allocated bandwidth.
  • They lack window based servers.
  • They lack telephone customer support. Unlike most web hosting provides that offer both telephone, livechat and email services. A small orange offer just email and online chat.
  • Although they have a high end specs, it is not as competitive as some other web providers.

How to Choose Best Web Hosting?

With the numerous web hosting providers offering almost the same services, it becomes a difficult task to get the best web hosting provider. I do not agree with the fact that a particular web hosting provider is the best. I can only agree with the fact that some web hosting providers are top rated because of their unique features. Some of those web hosting providers include: hostgator, inmotion, ehost.com, ipage etc.

I also will not advise you to go for a web hosting provider just because it is the best web hosting provider; you have to consider some things:

  • You must know what you really want. If you are a newbie go for providers that are good for beginners. If you are a business class also go for web hosting providers good for business class
  • Also consider the amount you are willing to give.
  • Another important thing you have to consider is the features and hosting plans offered by the providers and which one will suit you.
  • Any web provider you will sign up for must have an excellent customer service.
  • Also consider the customers reviews on the web hosting provider before signing up to them. Customers of course will always talk about their experience with a web hosting provider.

The bottom line of a small range is that it is an open-minded and solid web provider with average hosting needs. It lacks important features offered by other web hosting providers.