Web hosting being a hosting service that allows accessibility of organization’s website via world wide web, it therefore becomes paramount for anybody doing online business to sign up for a web hosting service.

There are lots of web hosting services but Bluehost has proven to be one of the best web hosting services. It was introduced by Matt Heaton.

Bluehost web hosting is one web hosting service that has tried in balancing price and features although it is lacking in some features offered by other services. It is a robust and optimized hosting platform. For the records Bluehost web hosting hosts over 2 million websites rating 3.4 out of 5. Its customer support is quite unique. If you are interested in opening a website and in search of a good web host, bluehost will definitely not be a bad choice. It has almost all you will ever need from a web host provider.

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Bluehost was introduced in 1996 by Matt Heaton to give website users a quality service., It is one of the oldest web host and also among the most popular host recommended by WordPress.

It is among the top rated host ranking 1 or 2 in about 95% of all hosting review sites and forum. Even though it has been offering services for about 20 years, it has maintained its popularity and reputation and is still one of the top rated web host.

The current chief executive officer of bluehost is James Grierson who joined bluehost in 2007. He did his first degree in Brigham Young University and masters in Utah Valley University. James Grierson also has other online business aside bluehost.

The parent company of Bluehost is Endurance International Group (EIG).  Aside Bluehost, Endurance International Group has acquired many other hosting companies like hostmonster, fastdomain, ipage.

If you go through customers comment and rating of bluehost, you will discover that most of them commend bluehost for the same unique features ranging from its free domain for the first year, free site builders and superb customer support, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email storage, easy to use interface.

Although, bluehost web hosting has demerits, its advantages have covered up for its weaknesses.

We will be elaborating some qualities that made bluehost among the best 20 best web hosting companies.


Free domain name: Bluehost is known to offer its customers a free domain name. This saves the customers the cost of registering a domain name which usually cost about $10 to $15 annually. Aside that the web host makes the domain name to be completely owned by you in such a way that if for any reason you want to switch to another web host, the domain name still belongs to you. This really makes changing provider very easy for users.

Email: Bluehost allows you to create up to 100 email addresses with just its most basic plan while other bluehost plans do not allow you create unlimited email addresses.

Security: Bluehost has an amazing security. Its anti-spam tools (Apache spam assassin, Spam Experts and Spam Hammer) are surprising. It made provision for password protected directories, managing private keys and creating filter for email account It also provided a means by which the users can have a way of accessing specific configuration files.

Solid Uptime: Bluehost has a very stable uptime. You will never observe their site go down. If you are very familiar with the internet, you will discover that when a sites shuts down, customers will not be able to access their services and products. This web host do not allow their site to shut in such a way that it will affect the customers. Bluehost claims to have an uptime of about 99.9%; even though I am not trying to oppose the fact that they have a solid uptime but I still do not admit that it is up to 99.9%.

Customer support: Customers have confirmed it that Bluehost customer service is 24/7. Their online web chat, telephone support runs 24 hours. This quality of outstanding customer support has made the users get solutions faster. They have also proven to be knowledgeable

Reputation and reliability:  This respectable and highly stable web host which makes setting up a website seem very easy. Researches have shown that bluehost has maintained a good reputation for about 20 years it started its services. Although the have some downtime but it is too minute to be noticed.

Bluehost also provides the cpanel control panel just like other hosting companies.

Cpanel helps the configuration of the hosting accounts of the administrator. Bluehost offers 4 type of hosting plans: shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, and Reseller hosting.

However, bluehost web hosting has its own disadvantages. Of course it is not all perfect. It definitely has few flaws.

  1. It is not the cheapest web hosting provider.
  2. Research have shown that very few of their website users have had the problem of their site being hacked. This is not pretty good enough.
  3. A few of its users have complained of experiencing a downtime.
  4. Although bluehost makes you own the domain name even when switching to other user, it charges a fee of $99.9 which some web providers can do for free.
  5. Research have also shown that bluehost does not have an unlimited CPU usage.

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Which Bluehost Plan to Choose?

If you want to know which Bluehost hosting plan to choose then you can choose according to your website need. If you are running a basic website then you can choose a basic plan.

Bluehost is a web host that offers shared hosting services. Its services favours both individuals and business people. Its packages are designed for both individuals and organizations. It has made the packages so unique and ideal to fit into their customers’ perfect taste. It is quite affordable and has lots of attractive features and very few flaws.

The web provider offers excellent customer service, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, free domain name for one year. It runs a year package of $7.95 per month or 2yrs package of $6.95 per month. This is indeed a huge sum of money but they offer a 30-day money back guarantee in which you are free to cancel your account even after the 30-day period. Good enough, you will you will be refunded any money that is left after the period. This is indeed a very good one, a rare one indeed which you can hardly get anywhere.

Bluehost web hosting is also known to help small business reach their goals and achieve as far as online business is concerned.

You can see that bluehost has been able to maintain its reputation in all round. I can confidently encourage you to consider blue hosting in case you are looking for a good web hosting company.

It is indeed one of the biggest shots.

Why Bluehost is Best Web Hosting?

It is not a hidden fact that web hosting is a requirement for the accessibility of your website in the internet. There are a lot of web hosting providers offering web hosting services each competing to be among the top ranked. This has made it quite tough to get to pick out the best web hosting company. To get the best web hosting, a lot of things have to be considered.

The reputation, speed and uptime, popularity, customer support, dependability to mention but a few most be considered. A lot of users have different choice when it comes to web hosting.

Bluehost, siteground, inmotion & hostgatar are few of the top rating web hosting services. They are unique in certain features which make them outstanding among others. Inmotion and bluehost has been on a high serious competition as to the best web hosting provider. Some users prefer inmotion to bluehost while others seem to prefer bluehost to inmotion.

Looking at the overall performance, inmotion has proven to be the best among the best. Although bluehost has been in the business for roughly 20 years and has been able to maintain its reputation and standards, it also has its flaws which we have discussed earlier. Inmotion has gone way ahead of bluehost. Just as bluehost, it offers four web hosting packages.

The special thing about this web hosting is the high quality customer support and the unbeatable security they offer even at the initial plan. With the few number of years it has rendered web hosting services, it has been able to rise continuously and maintained a high standard customer support.  It also ranks as the best shared hosting services with a superb system offering an unbeatable security to its customers.

It gives the longest money back guarantee which is 90 days unlike Bluehost which offers 30 days.

Finally, I can say that with the numerous web hosting providers all over the place, you as a beginner in website should not settle for one without ensuring you have considered what you really need the provider for and the kind of services you will be needing.

Bluetooth however will never be underestimated in its performance. Haven maintained a good reputation, taking it as a choice of web hosting provider will not be a regrettable action especially for beginners.