MyThemeShop is a small and popular website that focuses on providing wordpress developers and webmasters with the best themes and plugins to enhance the speed of their work. It offers over hundreds of themes and plugins, thereby providing its customers with numerous options to choose from.

It is used by most of the famous bloggers because of its uniqueness. This website has great features and offers high speed loading performance, clean and clear codes, unlimited colours and backgrounds superb customer support and lots more for their customers.

They have plan for both the starters and professional web providers. This article will bring to light the uniqueness of MyThemeShop and why it is a perfect choice for bloggers.


MyThemeShop is a very young and small website that has proven to be among the best theme providers. It offers over 90 themes and plugins to its clients. The numerous themes of MyThemeShop are grouped under these four categories. The four categories are: blog, magazine, ecommerce and business. The essence of the classifications is to narrow the choice of its clients to the category related to their blog or site and by so doing make a better choice of theme.

Some of the popular themes offered by MyThemeShop include: Newtimes, Socially viral, best, immunity, bookshelf, woodie, vogue, schema and lots more.

Let us briefly look at three of its famous themes;

Socially viral them: This theme is specially designed to enable you to boost social shares, traffic and revenue. It is popular and is used by a good number of bloggers and website developers.

Schema: Schema is a premium blogging theme and most bloggers’ favorite. It is responsive, SEO friendly. It is specially designed to help bloggers make and is under the magazine category of MyThemeShop . It has all the best of the features of MyThemeShop. My favorite theme which is being used on my other blogs. This is a light magazine theme which is built specially for bloggers who wants to earn money by writing and sharing high content.

SocialMe: SocialMe is one of the newest themes launched by MyThemeShop . It is a modern looking wordpress theme. It has most of the features of MyThemeShop contains powerful widgets, lazy image loading optimization and many more. It comes with a demo installer and contains four default homepages

MyThemeShop Features

MyThemeShop offer unique services and features. Some of those features include:

Theme: With MyThemeShop, you are sure of getting hundreds of reliable and catchy themes that are easy to set up. Their themes are grouped to narrow your choice to the best theme for your wordpress website. MyThemeShop’s themes are easy to set up and the offer tutorials that can help you in case of any difficulty you might encounter while setting up your themes. They also offer great customer support and their themes are user-friendly. They are accessible through any device.

Easy -to-use: MyThemeShop offers their customers themes that are so simplified that you will not have to worry about anything except creating a good content for your site.

High loading speed: with MyThemeShop, you are sure of your sites loading with speed thereby bringing your site to the spotlight and reducing your bounce rate.

Plugins: Plugins are also sold by MyThemeShop to make sure your wordpress sites are functioning properly. Some of their themes are given out free while others have to be purchased. Some of their free plugins are My WP Translate and WP Notification Bars.

Membership plans: MyThemeShop has provision for all categories of wordpress site users (whether you are working as a webmaster or working on multiple sites).

They two major plans they offer are:

  • Single theme: This is for those purchasing just one theme. It can be purchased for $59. This theme gives webmasters a professional theme and gives you access to wordpress themes that are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guaranteed and with high speed. The single theme can be used in an unlimited number of sites. In addition, you stand the chance of getting free updates and support from their customer support team.
  • Extended membership: This plan is for developers working on multiple sites. The price for this plan is $167per year. This plan grants you access to all wordpress themes and plugins in addition to the basic features.

MyThemeShop coupon: MyThemeShop offers discount of 25% on your purchase. With coupon codes, you can get the theme and plugins offered by MyThemeShop at a reduced rate. To activate their coupon codes, all you need do is to click on ‘DESIGNBOMB’ in the coupon code area.

Customer Support; Another unique feature of this website that they offer excellent customer support system .They have expert support team readily available 24/7/365 to help their customers out with any problem they might encounter. They also have FAQ sections where most questions asked by customers are answered.

100% responsiveness: All themes in MyThemeShop are responsive. With the technological development a lot of people use different kinds of devices to browse. Your theme is responsive when it can work perfectly on all devices. With MyThemeShop, be rest assured that your visitors can view your site with any kind of device. So you stand the chance of getting more traffic in your blog.

Documentation: MyThemeShop offers video tutorial to guide you during the setup and also through the various stages of your website development. These video tutorials help you setup your website with confidence.

Unlimited option: MyThemeShop offers its customers unlimited colors and backgrounds options. You have lots of varieties to choose from to make your website have a unique look. All of their themes have unlimited colors and background options.

Increases Traffic: One of things that could reduce a blogger’s income and make his page viewers/visitors abandon him is a site with low speed. This theme provider made provision for high speed performance and consequently, saving money and increasing traffic for their clients. Clean code: For your website to be loading fast, you need to have clean codes. A clean code guarantees it to operate with maximum speed. It also makes your blog to easily adjust to any change made to make it stand out in the business market.  MyThemeShop offers a clean code although a few of its customers commented negatively about it. For an average theme provider, MyThemeShop is good to go in this area.

MyThemeShop is SEO friendly: For your site to be highly ranked by search engine, you have to make it SEO friendly. A clean code also helps your site to be easily seen by search engines like Google.


This is a theme provider that offers its clients over 90 themes and 20 plugins. Its provides services for bloggers, mobile apps, e-commerce sites and lots more. It is a small and young site that has proven itself unique among other theme providers. It has over 220,000 users that depend solely on their theme. It has great features and few downsides.

Some of the advantages of MyThemeShop are:

  • Excellent customer support that are available 24/7.
  • Made with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 markups.
  • Their themes are reliable.
  • Provides high speed performance
  • They provide themes that are content focused.
  • They stand for quality product.

One could begin to wonder if a theme provider with these great features could have some flaws. O yes! MyThemeShop has few downsides which has been made insignificant by its numerous features. Some of the cons include:

  • A small quantity of their themes looks alike.
  • It does not offer lifetime plan for its clients.


In order to create a wordpress website, you have to choose a good theme. The theme you use has a way of affecting your blog. You need a theme with high speed performance, obeys SEO rules, unique customer support and has plans that will favour your kind of blog. To get these qualities of theme, you have to choose a good theme provider.

MyThemeShop is ONE theme provider that provides all these unique services for you.

It is a perfect them for bloggers as it has excellent features. Its customer support that is available 24/7 all adds up to why it is being recommended greatly for bloggers.

Famous bloggers like Matthew Woodward and Jeremy Shoemaker all use MyThemeShop . This confirms that it really an excellent blogger to attract the attention of these caliber of bloggers.

A few more reasons MyThemeShop is recommended for bloggers are:

  • Their themes are speed optimized.
  • All their themes are SEO ready.
  • You can use their theme for unlimited number of sites.
  • They offer unlimited colours and backgrounds to spice up the look of your blog or site.

To wrap it up, MyThemeShop is a theme provider that is recommended for bloggers. It has unique features as we discussed above that any blogger will need to have high speed site performance, generate income, increase traffic and lots more. It has gained the trust of most famous bloggers.

If you are a blogger or want to venture into blogging and you are in search of good theme providers; just subscribe to MyThemeShop and you will not regret you did