We brings you the best web hosting service provider. There are many web hosting providers & they offering amazing hosting packages, including Free domain, site builder tools, disk space and money back guarantee. But, Choosing the best web hosting service can be a challenge for newbies. So, Our web hosting comparison chart will help to save your time and money !


Best Web Hosting 2020

  1. BlueHost
  2. Siteground
  3. Digital Ocean
  4. Inmotion Hosting
  5. Hostgator
  6. Royalclouds
  7. Hostinger
  8. WP Engine
  9. GreenGeeks
  10. Dreamhost

Web hosting service is an internet hosting service that enables accessibility of organization or individual’s website on World Wide Web. It can be said to be just a space to have your business without including the shelves where your products will be placed. For your website to be seen and viewed online, you need a web hosting provider and a server.

A hosting provider sells server space and related services. There are a lot web hosting service that are in high competition leaving one with the problem of choosing the best web hosting provider.


We are in an era where ‘www’ has become the best avenue for advertising businesses. There is virtually no business today without a website. It is a cheaper and faster way to advertise your products.

If you are conversant with the internet, you will discover that there are lots of companies offering web hosting services. It then boils down to you knowing wat you want and how much you much are willing to spend.

The fact is that you can never get the right web host you need if you do not know what you want. Before settling for any web provider its very necessary you ask yourself certain questions to be sure of what you really need. Try answering the questions below.

  1. What type of website do you want to build?
  2. Do you need a unique software?
  3. How big or small are you expecting the volume of the traffic to go in the future?
  4. Will your website be needing windows application?
  5. What additional service do you require?
  6. What number of visitors will you be receiving?
  7. What is the expected growth of your website?

Having answered the questions above, the next point of action is to ensure the web hosting provider is not lacking in the qualities below.

  • Customer support: Your internet provider should offer services 24/7. The customer support of any hosting provider should not only offer round the clock services but it should be quick and offer knowledgeable service.
  • Speed and security. Depending on what you need the website for, the provider should ensure the security of the server and also should deliver on time.
  • Reputation: Reputation sure is a very important quality any business must have to excel. Before going for any web hosting service, ensure it has a good reputation
  • The web hosting should have a good web host upgrading options.
  • Cost: Although its necessary you consider the cost before choosing any web hosting provider, you have to be careful not to choose the provider that will offer you poor services just because it is cheap, you might run into big problems in the future.
  • Bandwidth and disk space: Also you have to consider the space you need for your website and the bandwidth. The server should have a reasonable bandwidth and disk space, although this also depends on the number of visitors that visit your website and how many downloads of graphics and other things that take place during the visit. Take note that whenever you go beyond your band limit, your site will be shut down temporarily.


A web hosting can be said to be the web server (computer that is used to store information). The web hosting packages need to be maintained and upgraded just as the computer we have in the house. Some of the hosting packages offered by providers are: free web hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated Server, managed hosting service, colocation eweb hosting service, Clustered hosting, Home server

The level of management offered, technology used and the additional services offered by the providers narrowed it down to the four best web hosting packages.

  • VPS Hosting: Virtual Private server is the most famous service, it is flexible, scalable and easy to upgrade. It is a shared hosting but done in a unique way. Here, the spaces in the server are shared among the website owners and once you reach your RAM limit, your site shuts down while the others still remain stable. It is a very good hosting for business website but might not be good for beginners.
  • Dedicated Hosting; Here you are not in competition with anybody You are in full control of the server. This server is best for sites with large volume of traffic and commercial sites, containing voluminous information.
  • Shared Hosting: This is perfect for beginners, low cost, good customer support. Here, they web hosting companies partition the spaces in the server. This enables the cost to be shared among many websites hosted on the same server. However, it has its own demerits like reduced security, it has restrictions in traffic volume and software support.
  • Cloud hosting: This hosting is new but powerful, scalable, and reliable. The hosting allows providers to charge website owners only on resources consumed by them unlike other web hosting. However, it is decentralized. and has no strong security.


The web site hosting provider not only provide space on a server but also provides the website owner with all the tools they will be needing for their website. It is indeed very challenging getting the best web hosting company as a result of the numerous web hosting providers offering almost include: hostgater.com, hostclear, ideahost, ipage websitebuilder.com, justhost.com, ipower, godaddy.com to mention but a few. However, the web providers below have stood out as the top rated web providers

  • Ipage: This web hosting provider is not expensive, has a free domain name with bandwidth and diskspace that are not metered.
  • Ideahost: Ideahost has a free domain name and it is very easy to use with great customer support
  • Siteblog: Free domain name, have a very good blogging platform including hosting and email.
  • com: Ehost.com is rated as one of the best web providers because it has a free domain for life and has unlimited bandwidth and diskspace.
  • Website builder.com: This is the best provider for beginners that want to create a website from the very beginning
  • Bluehost: Has a very good customer support and great for WordPress blogs.

Conclusively, to make it easy for you to choose the best web host provider, first of all understand the type of hosting you need and thereafter you check out for web hosting providers that are top rated. This could help to narrow down your favorites and then you can choose your best provider based on personal preferences.